BP-X (100 caps)

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  • BP-X (100 caps)
  • BP-X (100 caps)
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  • BP-X (100 caps)
  • BP-X (100 caps)
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Benefits of BP-X Supplement

BP-X supplements focus as designed is to try to benefit the circulatory system. BP-X is constituted from numerous herbs that have been used as blood purifiers and help eliminate toxins from the human body naturally. Taking BP-X supplements as directed may help improve body systems associated with the liver, lymph nodes, the skin, and the immune system.

MRVitaHerbs provides BP-X supplements at a fair and competitive price for those who are concerned about their general health. Unlike other supplements, BP-X is a naturally cleansing supplement that may help many consumers re-regulate their body systems and remove harmful toxins the human body has difficulty removing by itself. By taking the BP-X supplement regularly, chemicals from what people eat or consume over their lifetime may slowly be shifted toward the excretory system for removal instead of accumulating in the lymphatic and circulatory systems. With MRVitaHerbs, consumers can get their supplements quickly and at the highest quality. 

The recommended dosage for a BP-X supplement is to take 2 pills with a meal twice daily. Two pills of BP-X supplements equals about 890 milligrams of the proprietary blend of herbs and products. Purchasing the BP-X supplements through MRVitaHerbs provides a 50 capsule product.

The main ingredients to the BP-X supplement include chemical extracts from several herbs. Buckthorn is an herb extract that support bile production and helps the intestines with chemicals harmful to the body. Similarly, red clover extract aids the body to produce extra digestive enzymes to break down chemicals in food. Burdock is another extract that stimulates the removal of toxins via the skin and kidneys. Cascara Sagrada is another ingredient in BP-X that may have a laxative effect. Another ingredient includes extracts from Oregon grape, which supports the thyroid and may help improve digestion. One very important extract ingredient is Pau d’Arco, which supports the immune system. Peach bark extract is also an anti-septic and a diuretic. Prickly ash extract promotes perspiration to rid the body of toxins through sweat. Yarrow may help increase blood production and relaxes muscles. The extract from Sarsaparilla may help to purify blood and aids with chemical reactions in the colon. There is also an extract from yellow dock, which may purify blood found in the liver and gall bladder. One surprising ingredient in BP-X are extracts from dandelions. That is because dandelion enzymes have been found to stimulate the liver and kidneys to support the extraction and removal toxins from the body. BP-X supplement also contains gelatin and water.

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