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  • PROACTAZYME® (100 Caps)
  • PROACTAZYME® (100 Caps)
  • PROACTAZYME® (100 Caps)
  • PROACTAZYME® (100 Caps)



  • Helps break down food.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Provides plant-sourced enzymes.

Proactazyme Plus is a product that consists of many different plant-derived enzymes that promote healthy digestion. These enzymes also may increase the amount of nutrients that your digestive tract is able to absorb. Proactazyme Plus makes it much easier for your body to digest plant fibers, starch, fat, protein and sugar. This formula also provides you with a protease blend that helps your body to digest proteins with pH levels that can vary from 3.0 up to 6.0. Thanks to its special combination of herbs, Proactazyme Plus is able to possibly increase saliva production and support gallbladder and liver health..

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Recommended Usage:

  • Consume one to two capsules with food or between meals each day.


Peptidase, lipase, protease 4.5, alpha-galactosidase, protease 6.0, malt diastase, protease 3.0, invertase, amylase, hemicellulase/cellulase, glucoamylase, ginger rhizome (zingiber officinale), beet root (beta vulgaris), gentian root (gentiana lutea), potassium citrate, fennel seed (foeniculum vulgare), caraway seed (carum carvi), gelatin, dandelion root (taraxacum officinale) and water.

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