About Us

My name is Alan Mowery (MrVitaHerbs). I was born in Hamilton, Ohio and have lived the majority of my life on the east side of Cincinnati. My wife, Michelle, was born in Cincinnati as well. My children Kayla and Jordan were also born in Cincinnati. I met my wife in high school and was married soon after graduation. Our marriage has lasted since 1987. We are a family who wants the best for all. You could call it a very strong marriage that has weathered many storms. My story is about one of those storms - our health.

You have to see what kind of shape we were in to understand what we have and still have to accomplish. We were both over weight at the age of 34. Clinically, by the doctor's definition, I was obese (6'4" tall & 285 lbs). Needless to say, I was shocked. However, I still was very active in sports, so I exercised a lot by playing basketball three times a week. However, I still could not lose weight. In the meantime I started to develop a few ailments. My blood pressure was slightly elevated and I took Tetracycline for acne. I was diagnosed by the doctor with acid-reflux and took Prilosec. Due to sports, I had several surgeries for different injuries, thus, developing bad arthritis in my knees and back and I took Vioxx, which is now off the market. I have had allergies all my life, to the point, of having surgery to correct a deviated septum and in order to breathe better, had a series of allergy shots later in life. I wasn't sleeping through the night; I was getting many headaches - I generally felt like an old man. As a matter of fact my Chiropractor; told me that if he had not met me face to face and just looked at my x-rays he would have thought I was a fifty year old man. Wow, shocked again.

As for my wife, where do I start? First of all, I am not going to mention her weight, but she is 5'3" tall and was over weight. Her situation was the same as mine. She started to develop many ailments like me. However, she did not exercise; she hated it. Her blood pressure was also slightly elevated; she took Tetracycline for acne, Methimazole for hypo-thyroidism, Prednisone and Flexeril for arthritis, Allergra for allergies, Estradiol for hormone replacement; due to a complete hysterectomy, Zofran for nausea and finally Dyazide for water retention all at age 34. Sad!

So, we knew we had to do something, but, we didn't know what. Then my sister introduced us to a Doctor who specializes in Iridology, Kinesiology, Reflexology and Herbal Foods. Actually he is an unbelievable story himself. He has helped us understand great health starts from within our body, cleansing our vital organs. So, the refined sugars and flour, processed foods and medicines we ingest in today's world contain toxins that are detrimental to our well-being. No doubt, we did all these things and in large quantities.

So we were put on a program to get ourselves in shape. A program of a proper diet, exercise, body cleansing and regeneration with herbs and vitamins This occurred in March of 2005. Since then, we have read and studied a great deal of material on our health. We eat organic foods with no preservatives in them. We have cut caffeine and bad sugars out of our diet. We are also on a diet of vitamins and herbs that nourish the proper body system, so that our bodies combat our ailments, that keep the body well supplied with the nutrients it needs and as a result we now seem to maintain a steady, lean weight. Yes, we get these products from Natures Sunshine, who we feel have the best all natural products in the world.


Yes, I owe a lot to the good Doctor and to Nature's Sunshine Products. Now, in November 2005, we are both off all our medicines, have lost a lot of weight and still losing. I am down to 240 and my wife has lost 30 pounds. See for yourself that the right nutrition equates to better health. When you feed your body the foods it needs, it can heal itself and re-establish its strong constitution. This is something I have never heard from a medical physician. From my experience, doctors seem to treat and prescribe synthetic (unnatural) drugs for the symptoms while nutritional consultants, like me, look for foods and a proper diet that energize the body. So, that, when the body is functioning at 100% it can fight off disease and produce a healthful well-being.

By digesting a combination of vitamins and herbs, my wife and I have experienced better health. This is my story, and that is why I am a Natures Sunshine Distributor today. I want to give back and help people like I have been helped. It really is about education. Doesn't it make sense that proper nutrition can lead to Healthier life?