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  • Supports the intestinal system.
  • Is an excellent source of soluble fiber.
  • Encourages normal bowel movements.
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal range.

Psyllium Hulls Combination is very beneficial for the digestive system. It encourages the body to have regular bowel movements. This is may help to fight against constipation. When a person has the right amount of fiber moving through their body, this is may support a healthy intestinal system. The high fiber content absorbs bowel toxins and will remove them from the body as it is passed through it. 

Psyllium Hulls Combination helps to maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal range. Psyllium Hulls can be a benifical fiber to include in a person's diet.

We know how important good health is.  For this reason, we provide a high quality NSP products to our customers. A person who chooses MRVITAHERBS to buy their natural supplements will not be disappointed. We have promised our customers that we will only provide the best products that are available. Good health is important for living a long and happy life.

Recommended Usage:

Adults should mix 2 teaspoons with at least 8 ounces of liquid. It can be mixed with water or juice. Children six years of age or older, should take 1/4 a teaspoon mixed with half of a glass of water or juice. Adults and children should drink this on a daily basis.


  • Psyllium Seed Hulls (Plantago ovata)
  • Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
  • Hibiscus Flowers (Hibiscus sabdariffa)
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