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  • PERFECT EYES (60 Caps) [KO]
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  • Supports the circulatory system.
  • Supports the macular region of the eye and total eye health.
  • Fights free radical damage.
  • Provides 6 mg of lutein per serving

Each day, our eyes are exposed to damaging free radicals in our environment produced by artificial light sources and sunlight. As we age, our bodies naturally produce fewer and fewer antioxidants to combat them. To supplement our decreasing natural production, we use the all-natural supplement Perfect Eyes. Perfect Eyes supports optimum eye health.

Two capsules of Perfect Eyes’ unique formula contains 6 mg of the powerful antioxidant lutein as well as N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), which our bodies, even as they age, can efficiently convert to glutathione, another source of ocular protection. In addition to these key ingredients, both of which may reduce oxidative damage to the retina, Perfect Eyes contains bilberry fruit, a powder extract of curcuminoids, and alpha and beta carotene. Perfect Eyes contains lycopene and zeaxanthin, both of which may protect the retina from UV damage. Perfect Eyes is also comprised of cryptoxanthin, zinc gluconate, selenium, taurine, the bioflavonoids quercetin and hesperidin, and eyebright herb. Its inactive ingredients include gelatin, cellulose plant fiber, and water.

A serving of two 628 mg Perfect Eyes capsules contains 50% of the RDV of Vitamin A, 93% of zinc, and 71% of selenium. It is recommended to take two 628 mg herbal supplement capsules each day with a meal.

As an independent distributor of Nature’s Sunshine products, I, MRVitaHerbs, and my family are committed to providing only excellent, 100% natural products to enhance your quality of health and life. Please contact me today with any questions or to order your monthly supply of Perfect Eyes.

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