DROPPER (1) (Fits All 2 fl. oz. Bottles)

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  • DROPPER (1) (Fits All 2 fl. oz. Bottles)


The Liquid Dropper for 2 OZ. Bottles

MRVitaHerbs provides the dropper that fits 2 FL OZ. bottles. It’s always nice to have a few of these around in case the original gets damaged or lost. It also prevents clashing of products when you have an individual dispenser for each one.

The 2 OZ. dropper matches several types of bottles, including the empty amber-colored ones and bottles with sprayers. You will see markers on the side that provide accurate measurement of dosages.


It helps you administer the right amount of liquid without making a huge mess. It makes the entire process much safer for people who require the smallest amount of a substance possible. This accuracy in dosage using a dropper is especially important when offering supplements to children. It gives your little ones just what they need and no more.

At the same time, it provides you with the advantage of taking formulas that absorb quicker into the bloodstream. It’s also convenient, too. You can even use it on the go because it requires no additional measuring spoon. This makes travel time more fun in the process.

For additional benefit, you may want to order the complete kit of bottles, droppers and funnels. This will help you save money when purchasing herbal products in bulk.

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