CLEAR ROLL-ON BOTTLE (0.5 fl. oz.)

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  • CLEAR ROLL-ON BOTTLE (0.5 fl. oz.)


Clear Roll-on Bottle Product Description

About the Clear Roll-On Bottle

Whether you are trying to avoid toxic chemicals, or you are trying to make a unique and superior product, or you simply enjoy making DIY beauty products, you will need a container to put your product in, and our clear roll-on bottle offers the perfect solution.

Our clear roll-on bottle makes making homemade beauty products easy. It is perfect for mixing any liquid beauty product, including lip gloss, perfume, facial serums, eye serums or any other liquid beauty product you wish to create. It holds half of a fluid ounce, so it is very convenient and portable. Plus, our clear roll-on bottle is also extremely affordable, whether you are only buying one or several.

Why Buy From MRVitaHerbs?

Here at MRVitaHerbs, we make our customers our number one priority. We sell quality products, we offer excellent customer service and we ship our products out quickly, using two to three day shipping via UPS. We also have guaranteed low pricing so you can shop with confidence knowing that not only will you get a great product, but that you will get a good deal as well.

If you are considering making your own beauty products, don’t wait any longer. Purchase one of our clear roll-on bottles and any ingredients you may need, including our massage oil and essential oils, and get started today.

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