DONG QUAI (100 Caps)

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  • DONG QUAI (100 Caps)
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Dong Quai

  • Supports the female glandular system.

If natural products for female health interest you, then you might want to learn more about dong quai (Angelica sinensis) capsules available on MRVitaHerbs website. Another name for the herb is “dang gui.” Many women appreciate dong quai for its benefits in female well-being. The herb is believed by some to encourage balance and energy of the body. It’s also believed to be beneficial for various organs, specifically the spleen, liver and heart. It’s even thought to have positive effects on the blood. Dong quai is frequently used in China and the United States alike.

If you purchase a container of our dong quai, you receive 100 capsules.

While dong quai can be helpful for managing many menstruation problems, it’s important to avoid ever taking it as your period is going on. Because the herb encourages the flow of blood, it could potentially exacerbate any menstrual woes you might be experiencing.

Always be sure to take dong quai capsules the right way. Take between one and two capsules of dong quai three times each day. Take the capsule or capsules when you eat.

Single capsules of dong quai are made up of 520 milligrams of the root of dong quai. Water, kosher gelatin and vegetable magnesium stearate make up the rest of the capsules’ ingredients.

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