ASTRAGALUS (100 caps)

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  • ASTRAGALUS (100 caps)
  • ASTRAGALUS (100 caps)
  • ASTRAGALUS (100 caps)
  • ASTRAGALUS (100 caps)


Astragalus may be a great booster of the immune system, building up the blood and strengthening energy in the body itself. Astragalus helps the stem cells that are naturally occurring in bone marrow and lymph tissue. These are then converted, in part by the tonic, into active immune cells, which rally constantly to protect us with their heightened activity and seeming vigilance.

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These Astragalus packages contain 100 capsules, with each one administering 420 mg of astragalus root. Two capsules are recommended daily.

The ingredients of Nature's Sunshine products are guaranteed. These astragalus capsules contain the following ingredients only: astragalus root, gelatin, and water.

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