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  • CARDIOXLDL™ (60 Caps)
  • CARDIOXLDL™ (60 Caps)
  • CARDIOXLDL™ (60 Caps)
  • CARDIOXLDL™ (60 Caps)


About CardioxLDL (60 Caps)

CardioxLDL may benefits you by modulating oxidation of the LDL Cholestrol. CardioxLDL may support cholestrol levels already in healthy levels. The blend is a special proprietary and powerful antioxidant blend provided by Natures Sunshine. This formula is patent pending, exclusive and is a clinically studied product.

Product Information

The blend has citrus bergamia Risso. This is combined with a proprietary blend of high-ORAC antioxitants. These antioxitants may help support triglyceride and cholestrol levels at normal range. Partially, how this product works is by blocking an enzyme the liver needs for the production of LDL cholestrol.


Each capsule has: Bergamot Fruit extract (Citrus bergamia Risso) Turmeric extract, Green Tea extract, Grape Seed extract, Mangosteen Fruit extract. At your evening meal take 2 capsules daily.

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