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  • BLACK WALNUT ATC CONC. (50 Caps) [Ko]
  • BLACK WALNUT ATC CONC. (50 Caps) [Ko]
  • BLACK WALNUT ATC CONC. (50 Caps) [Ko]
  • BLACK WALNUT ATC CONC. (50 Caps) [Ko]


Black walnut is used for a large variety of issues, particularly with the skin and the intestinal system. When black walnut is applied topically, it may tone the skin. It can have astringent properties. Besides soothing the skin, it also may enhance the way it looks.

One of the active ingredients in black walnut is a compound called juglone. When it is taken internally, juglone is the primary compound that gives black walnut its ability to positively and gently effect the intestinal system to maintain normal function. Black walnut contains other beneficial properties. For example, it includes linolenic acid. This is essential for healthy cell function.

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Recommended Usage:

Two capsules should be taken twice daily with a meal. Or 20 to 25 drops diluted in water should be taken two times a day.


  • Black Walnut Hulls extract (Juglans nigra) 480 mg
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Gelatin
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