BLACK WALNUT (100 Caps) [KO]

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  • BLACK WALNUT (100 Caps) [KO]
  • BLACK WALNUT (100 Caps) [KO]
  • BLACK WALNUT (100 Caps) [KO]
  • BLACK WALNUT (100 Caps) [KO]


Unbeknownst to most populations, black walnut is actually a fruit, not a nut. It has a variety of potential health benefits that have given rise to its popularity throughout societies around the world. Chinese herbalists use black walnut as an antiparasitic. The active component juglone and is a compound of tannins and Quinone found in the walnut’s outer rind. This herb can be used both internally and externally to great benefit. It may prove to be a topical astringent and toner of the skin. When internally digested, this herb may support the intestinal tract.

Black walnut is more famous today for its cleansing qualities but may have been a staple to many from the time of the Ancient Greeks. It contains linolenic acid, which may aid in cell functions and provides a rich supply of selenium, iron and potassium.

Using a reliable, trustworthy source of herbal supplements ensures the best possible results and purest ingredients. Visit to discover the benefits of black walnut and enjoy increased health and a better lifestyle. As always, consult a physician to discuss personal medical concerns before beginning herbal regiments. Take an active role in your health with improved health and responsible care from the start.

Recommended Usage:

Two capsules, twice a day with morning and evening meals.

Supplement Facts:

  • Serving Size 2 Capsules
  • Servings per container: 50
  • Amount Per 2 Capsules


  • Black Walnut Hulls (Green Hulls) (Juglans nigra) 1000 mg*
  • Kosher gelatin
  • Magnesium stearate (vegetable)
  • Silicon dioxide (powdered silica)
  • Water

*Daily Value not established

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