BLACK COHOSH (100 caps)

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  • BLACK COHOSH (100 caps)
  • BLACK COHOSH (100 caps)
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  • BLACK COHOSH (100 caps)
  • BLACK COHOSH (100 caps)
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MRVitaHerbs Black Cohosh


  • Black cohosh has been used for centuries as an herb that supports the female reproductive system. It has powerful phytoestrogens.
  • It provides nutrients to a woman’s glandular system.
  • It helps ease the transition through menopause.

About Black Cohosh

Black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) has long been used by Native Americans. But black cohosh is famous for the way it supports the female reproductive system. Since it has salicylic acid, which is related to aspirin, black cohosh may also be a mild pain reliever. The herb also produces irritants that make it a good diuretic and expectorant. It also may cause the user to sweat, which rids the body of toxins and may reduce fever.

Our black cohosh capsules each have 525 milligrams of black cohosh.

Why Choose MRVITAHERBS For Natural Supplements?

MRVITAHERBS takes the greatest care to offer herbal supplements and herbal products that are pure, effective and safe. 

Recommended Usage:

Take one black cohosh capsule during a meal, two times a day. Black cohosh is best taken with Vitamin E.


Each capsule has black cohosh root, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide in the form of powdered silica, kosher gelatin and water.

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