BERGAMOT (15 ml)

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  • BERGAMOT (15 ml)
  • BERGAMOT (15 ml)
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  • BERGAMOT (15 ml)
  • BERGAMOT (15 ml)
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About Bergamot

Bergamot is a concentrated essential oil, prized for its soothing ability when applied to the skin, as an aid in digestion, and for the relief of stress. Bergamot Bio is a formulated oil concentrate that can be used as an aromatic and for skin conditions. It is a completely natural product manufactured by a cold press method.

Essential oils contain natural antioxidants as well as complex compounds that may restore skin to a more youthful, supple state. It also aids in the balancing of skin pH. This oil may have a very relaxing effect and is used as a mood stimulant. It can be applied topically or mixed with bath water. Women often use this product to aid in the relief of vaginal irritations. This product can also be used to aid in the relaxing of muscles. 

Why Choose Mr. Vita Herb For Bergamot Essential Oil
Our company sells Bergamot Bio, a highly concentrated form of the essential oils manufactured from bergamia by Nature's Sunshine Products. The product is manufactured to exacting standards and is one of the most efficient natural stimulants and mood elevators on the market. Our competitive pricing and efficient order processing makes us a favorite among those who regularly shop for all-natural health supplements.

Order a supply of Bergamot Bio today and enjoy wholesale prices as well as the finest essential oil available.

Recommended Usage:

This product is for external use only. It can be applied directly to the skin or added to bath water. Bergamot Bio should not be used by those who have symptoms of melanoma or who regularly use ultraviolet light for sunless tanning.


Bergamot contains 100 percent natural cold-pressed bergamia oil. There are no artificial ingredients or additives in this product.

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