CLOVE BUD (15 ml)

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  • CLOVE BUD (15 ml)


Clove Bud (15 ml)

  • Has powerful and penetrating properties.
  • Inspires feelings of rest and relaxation.

Clove Bud Oil is known for its ability to create feelings of relaxation and restfulness. Clove bud oil also has anesthetic and antiseptic properties. When massaged onto the chest, clove oil may ease coughs, and when applied to affected areas it may calm muscle spasms.

Clove oil is an all-around valuable ingredient to have on hand. Using clove oil may be an effective way to clean and deodorize the air. A combination of clove and other essential oils, such as cinnamon, thyme and mint, may reduce the frequency of attacks on the respiratory system.

Even healthy individuals can benefit from clove oil. The aroma promotes a psychological lift and may enhance mental alertness. Clove oil is not for everyone. It is contraindicated in individuals who regularly take the maximum dosage of acetaminophen, as well as those who have hypertension or abdominal pain. Individuals on anticoagulants should also avoid clove oil. All types of essential oil should be kept out of reach of children.

At MRVitaHerbs, we pride ourselves on pure, all-natural ingredients. Our Clove Bud oil is no different. It is made with 100 percent pure, organic Eugenia caryophyllata bud oil. Like all NSP products, it contains no artificial ingredients or fillers.

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