ZINC (25 mg) (150 Tabs) [KO]

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  • ZINC (25 mg) (150 Tabs) [KO]
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Zinc is a very important nutritional supplement for the overall health of the body. Other than iron, more zinc is found in the body than any other trace element. The bones and muscles are where relatively large amounts of zinc are found. It is also present in the retina and prostrate. As a trace mineral, zinc is essential for proper development and growth. Individuals of all ages benefit from its involvement in numerous metabolic processes.

Sugar metabolism, energy production, protein metabolism and DNA formation are just some of the hundreds of important functions in the body zinc is involved in. The growth and development of bones is also aided by the presence of zinc. Women who are pregnant or lactating require extra zinc. A deficiency of this mineral may result in a compromised immune system.

Zinc is combined in a natural base of alfalfa herb, kelp plant and thyme herb for maximum benefit. For more efficient absorption it is derived from zinc gluconate. With 25 mg of zinc in each tablet, it contains 166 percent of the recommended %Daily Value.

Zinc is an essential trace mineral which benefits overall health. It benefits the body in many ways, such as:  it may benefit normal joint performance, it aids in the healthy absorption and function of vitamins, it may aid with digestion and metabolism, it is essential to the function of over 200 human enzymes and the prostrate requires 10 times more zinc than other organ in the body.

Experience the many benefits of this essential trace mineral by ordering your zinc today.

Recommended Usage:

  • One tablet with a meal each day


  • Magnesium stearate (vegetable) and cellulose (plant fiber)
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