VITAMIN C TIME-RELEASE (1000 mg) (120 Tabs)

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  • VITAMIN C TIME-RELEASE (1000 mg) (120 Tabs)
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VITAMIN C, T/R (1000 MG) (120 tab)

Vitamin C is a core nutrient people need for a healthy immune system, making citrus a prime food to gain this particular vitamin. However, eating high amounts of Vitamin C doesn’t necessarily benefit the body. Extra amounts are simply moved out of the body through the urine. Using NSP time-release supplements allows you to have ample Vitamin C in the body. In fact, it offers 1000mg, or 1,670 percent, of your recommended %Daily Value.

About Vitamin C

Using a specialized coating, Vitamin C supplements slowly absorb into the body. All organs can use this nutrient to prehaps bolster strength against a weaken immune system. There is also no starch, artificial colors, flavors or sucrose to irritate the body. 

Usage Recommendation

We recommend that you take one supplement each day as you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Food helps the supplement absorb without irritating the digestive tract.


 1,000mg Vitamin C per tablet, hesperidin extract, acerola fruit extract, lemon bioflavonoid, rutin and rose hips fruit concentrate.  

MRVitaHerbs is here to bring you the very best in vitamin supplemental care. Try NSP's 120 tablet Vitamin C supplements today. 

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