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Urinary System

Urinary System is a product that is used to not only balance the system but it helps to strengthen the system. This supplement has the essential amount of potassium and sodium that your body needs to function properly in relation to the urinary tract. It is also used to support kidney function and the overall health of the kidneys.  When used as a potassium supplement, the product helps maintain the proper electrolyte and fluid balance in the body. While eliminating toxins in the body Urinary System maintains the minerals that are soluble in water and necessary for proper function in the system. 

We offer a fast delivery process where you will receive your Urinary System pack in about three business days. You can enter the number of packs that you need, and then submit your order online.  The product is delivered to your home. A 30-day supply is in the Urinary System pack.

Ingredients that are essential in the product working include potassium, magnesium, a proprietary blend, various roots and herbs such as asparagus stem, watermelon seed and corn silk. Parsley leaves and hydrangea root are also in the supplement.

One packet should be taken in the morning with breakfast, and another packet is taken with an evening meal. This routine should be followed for 30 days.

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