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  • SLIPPERY ELM (7 oz.) [KO]
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Slippery Elm Bulk (7 oz)

What is Slippery Elm?

Slippery elm is rich in nutrients, easy to digest and soothing to the digestive system. For centuries people have used it to support the digestive system and to maintain regular waste elimination. Slippery elm supplies mucilage to soothe the digestive and intestinal tracts. Mucilage is a long chain of sugars that form a slippery substance when combined with water.Mucilage can settle the digestive tract, absorb toxins from the bowel and help maintain regular elimination 

Why Use Slippery Elm?

There are a large number of reasons why slippery elm should be used. The first is because it increases the overall efficiency of the digestion system, allowing toxins to be removed from the body on a regular basis. The second is because it absorbs the toxins that are found in the bowels. Slippery elm also soothes any irritation that might be caused in the digestive track. It also contains Vitamin K. 

What’s the Recommended Usage?

  • Take two teaspoons that have been filled to capacity and add them to either an 8 oz glass of water or juice.

Where Can I Purchase this Supplement?

  • This supplement is able to be purchased from MRVITAHERBS, an online retailer. They are one of the largest online providers of herbal supplements and will be able to meet any needs that a customer might have.
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