SAGE (100 Caps) [KO]

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  • SAGE (100 Caps) [KO]
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About the Product

Sage (the garden variety) is grown mainly in the warm and humid Mediterranean region of the world. Each capsule will contain 330 mg of this herb. In general, it is very fragrant and has been used for years in aromatherapy as well as in cooking. Sage is often used as a seasoning for different types of meats, and as such, it has been a key preservative for hundreds of years. There are many antioxidant properties found in sage as well. Use sage to create a friendly and warm environment, and one that provides a balanced microbial state.

Sage is well-known in helping to stimulate circulation as well as relax stiff or achy muscles. Sage also has an overall calming and peaceful effect.

It is also commonly used to promote healthy liver function.


  • Supports the immune system.
  • Helps create microbial balance.
  • Is a source of antioxidants

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Recommended Usage:

  • One capsule should be taken twice daily, each time with a meal.


  • One capsule contains the following: Sage leaf (or salvia officinalis), kosher gelatin, Magnesium stearate (veg.), water, and silicon dioxide (or powdered silica)
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