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About Rose

Perhaps the most famous essential oil of them all, Rose is also one of the most concentrated and expensive. This oil is produced by pressing the blossoms of specific varieties of roses. It has long been prized for its fragrance. Rose oils are known for their supporting properties when applied to wrinkled, dry skin. 

Rose is a particularly potent concentrated essential oil. It has a wonderful fragrance that may work as a natural mood enhancer. The smell is gentle but fragrant, and the experience of drowning one’s self in this famous aromatic is one of sensuality and calm.

Women benefit from exposure to Rose because it may stimulate the hormonal system in a positive way. Bathing in rose water is not only relaxing, it can have a positive influence by it's calming properties. NOT for use during pregnancy.


  • Is sensual, balancing and uplifting.
  • Is calming, relaxing and comforting in matters of the heart.
  • Supports mature, dry skin.
  • Is considered the queen of oils for women.

Why Choose MRVitaHerbs When Purchasing Rose Bulgaria?

Only the finest concentrated oils are good enough to be sold by MRVitaHerbs. We are extremely proud to offer this and other natural NSP health supplements at wholesale prices. When you order from us, you are receiving the best product  in the industry. Immerse yourself in essential oil luxury by purchasing our famous Rose today.

Recommended Usage:

  • Rose can be applied topically. Dilution in water is recommended. Just a drop of this product in bath water is enough to produce positive results.


  • Rose is 100 percent pure rosa x damascena flower oil. It is highly concentrated and is packaged in a 5 mL package. There are no additives or artificial ingredients.
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