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  • PH TEST STRIPS (100)
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PH Test Strips will allow you to know if your body is more acidic, alkaline, or balanced. Testing your pH is simple and can be done in your own home. Your pH can be measured using the pH test strips which measures the acidity of your urine or saliva. To better understand the results of the pH test strips, it is a good idea to use a few strips for practice and familiarize yourself with the test strip. The pH test strip will measure the acidity or alkalinity of any liquid. If the test results display a low number, then there is a presence of acidity. If the test results show a high number, then the liquid is more alkaline than acidic.

As the test paper is moistened by urine or saliva, it will take on a color. The color of the pH test strip will range in color from yellow to dark blue and this will determine if your body more acidic, alkaline, or balanced. To determine your results, simply match the color of your test strip with the chart found on the back of your package.

It is a good idea to keep track of your pH levels over a period time, but you do not have to test every day. To keep track of your pH level, you could test weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly as an example.

Mr. Vita offers a 100 count pH Test Strips package at a great price, plus we have a variety of vitamins and supplements to help you maintain a strong, healthy life.

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