Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray (22 fl oz)

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  • Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray (22 fl oz)
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Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray

  • Contains plant-derived enzymes that safely break down stains and odors.
  • Does not contain any cleaning agents that may cause allergic reactions, skin irritation or fumes.
  • Is biodegradable.
  • Features 100% recyclable plastics and packaging.

Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray is a hypoallergenic solution that effectively breaks down odors and stains. All natural and unscented, this is a plant derived product that breaks down the molecular structure of even the nastiest stain or odor without damaging fabric. As MrVitaHerbs only promotes natural products, you can rest assured that Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray is biodegradable and has no chemical agents that will cause skin irritation, fumes or allergic reactions.

Nature’s Fresh is a highly regarded producer of home cleaning products that are safe for the environment, people and animals. It is plant derived with other natural ingredients packaged in 100 percent recyclable plastic. Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray eliminates organic odors through simple spraying into the air or directly at the source. Use it on shoes, bed linens, clothing, carpets, upholster, inside of vehicles and more. For stains, apply the spray directly to stained area. Let the product sit before blotting the area until stain is gone. (Some stains may require more than a single application.) On top of that, Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray is also effective for plant health, surface spot remover, skin ailments, insect bites and stings, sore muscles, sunburn and as a fabric freshener and insect spray.

This exemplary stain and odor remover contains oxidoreductases, lyases, isomerases, transferases, hydrolases, ligases and water.

MrVitaHerbs wants to be your one-stop shop for products that improve your health and well being. Besides Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray, we have aromatherapy products, herbal formulas, liquid and Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies and pre-packaged programs. We’ve selected the best of the best to help you find the best ways to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. You will find there is no better place on the Internet for products that will improve your body and lifestyle.

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