LBS II® (100 Caps) [KO]

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  • LBS II® (100 Caps) [KO]
  • LBS II® (100 Caps) [KO]
  • LBS II® (100 Caps) [KO]
  • LBS II® (100 Caps) [KO]


  • Supports the intestinal system.
  • Promotes normal bowel function.
  • Helps clear the bowels of toxic waste.
  • Works gently.
  • Encourages better digestion.
  • Supports proper waste elimination.

If you have reached the point in your life where you require a little bit of help in the digestion and bowel movement area, it’s probably time to start taking Nature's Sunshine LBS II Capsules (100).

An intestinal stimulant, LBS II promotes healthy lower bowel health. Made from a blend of herbs, you can expect these capsules to help regulate any irregularities in bowel movements that won’t be a shock to your body. Made from a gentle formula, our LBS II capsules will aid in getting rid of toxic waste and encourage robust digestion that targets the elimination of all waste, overall.

The goal of these particular capsules is to stimulate the bowels and urination so as to rid the body of as many bad toxins as possible. Once those toxins have been evacuated, your body can function at a better rate supporting the rest of its organs and health.

Our LBS II capsules not only will provide desired results, they will deliver those results through our use of natural ingredients, so order your capsules from Mr Herbs today!

We recommend 2 – 4 capsules be taken daily, with a meal.

Nature's Sunshine LBS II 32 includes Buckthorn bark, Capsicum Fruit, Cascara sagrada bark, Couch grass rhizome, Ginger rhizome, Licorice root, Oregon grape root, Red clover flowers, Rhizome and Turkey rhubarb root as ingredients.

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    Susan Vincent

    Posted by Susan Vincent on May 16th 2019

    Doctor recommended and love the product

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