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  • EQUOLIBRIUM (60 Caps)
  • EQUOLIBRIUM (60 Caps)
  • EQUOLIBRIUM (60 Caps)
  • EQUOLIBRIUM (60 Caps)


Equolibrium is an exclusive Nature's Sunshine product that is designed to support urinary health and prostate function in men. The product contains an antioxidant called equol, which binds to the dihydrotestosterone hormone and keeps it from attaching to receptor areas within a man's prostate. DHT is known for causing prostate and urinary tract problems for men. With the protective help that comes from equol, cell replication within the prostate stays healthy. Equolibrium is ideal for men concerned about the health of their prostate.

Equolibrium's Benefits

• Proven Prostate Support - Equol is the only option proven to stop DHT from binding to the prostate without stopping DHT production all together. Men's bodies need DHT in some places to stay healthy.

• Improves Urinary Function - By keeping the prostate healthy, Equolibrium helps a man's urinary tract stay in good shape as well. Taking Equolibrium regularly can help a man keep urinary output consistent and healthy.

• Safe - Equol is side effect free and should be safe for any man who needs prostate support. Men taking prescription medications for prostate health should always consult a doctor before they try a natural supplement.

• Helps Men Sleep - The benefits that Equolibrium bring to the prostate help men sleep for a longer duration without waking up by keeping urinary flow healthy and regular.

• Keeps Prostate Cells Healthy - Equolibrium's DHT blocking properties help prostate cells replicate in a healthy way. Healthy cell replication is key to keeping a man's prostate and urinary system working well.

If you have any questions about this product, or any others, please contact the team at MRVitaHerbs today.

Recommended Usage:

One Equolibrium capsule two times a day is all it takes to keep a man's prostate healthy. This 60 capsule package contains a one month supply of Equolibrium. Men should start to notice health improvements in three to six months.


Every Equolibrium capsule contains six milligrams of the equol antioxidant. Inactive ingredients include cellulose, the hypromellose and water vegetable capsule, and magnesium stearate. Equolibrium capsules are gluten free.

Supplement Facts:

There is no daily value established for the equol antioxidant, which shows up naturally in some leafy green vegetables like cabbage and lettuce as well as many beans. Nature's Sunshine uses a non-GMO source for equol.


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