DULSE LIQUID (2 fl. oz.) [KO]

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  • DULSE LIQUID (2 fl. oz.) [KO]
  • DULSE LIQUID (2 fl. oz.) [KO]
  • DULSE LIQUID (2 fl. oz.) [KO]
  • DULSE LIQUID (2 fl. oz.) [KO]


Dulse Liquid

Benefits of Dulse

  • Dulse is known for supporting the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland, an organ in the throat that regulates much of the hormonal activity in the body.
  • Dulse is also the source of a variety of essential minerals, as well as proteins and trace elements.
  • Provides immune system support.
  • Provides 150% of the Daily Value of iodine per serving.

About Dulse

Dulse is a reddish sea vegetable that can be found on the rocky shores of the North Atlanic Ocean as well as the Northwest Pacific Ocean. Its botantical name is Rhodymenia palmata. Dulse prefers these habitats because the currents there are powerful, and the seafloor is clean. Like most sea vegetables, dulse is abundant in iodine, a mineral that’s essential to the health and proper functioning of the thyroid. Dulse also supports the formation of the hormones the thyroid secretes.

Dulse is also rich in vitamins like Vitamin C, the B complex vitamins and the carotinoids, which are versions of Vitamin A. Dulse also has magnesium, calcium zinc, potassium and other nutrients. The plant’s red color points to the fact that it’s rich in iron.

Why Choose MRVITAHERBS For Natural Supplements?

The quality of the natural herbal products we offer is unparalleled as is our commitment to our customers. Our Dulse Liquid is alcohol-free and comes in an easy-to-ingest glycerin base. There are 225 micrograms of natural, essential iodine in every one milliliter serving of our dulse liquid. For more information or to place an order, call us toll free at 877-883-8313.

Recommended Usage:

Our recommended usage is one ml of dulse liquid taken in water once a day. One ml is about 15 to 20 drops or one quarter of a teaspoon.


Our dulse liquid contains the herbal extract in an alcohol free base of 80 percent vegetable glycerin and 20 percent water. The serving size is one ml, and there are 59 servings per container.

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