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  • CORAL CALCIUM (75 g)
  • CORAL CALCIUM (75 g)
  • CORAL CALCIUM (75 g)
  • CORAL CALCIUM (75 g)


Coral Calcium (75 mg)

  • Helps the body offset acidity and maintain pH levels.
  • Provides essential calcium to help maintain strong bones and teeth.
  • Is sourced in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Provides 325 mg calcium per serving.

Many people find that they cannot get their daily recommended amount of calcium from the foods they eat and substances they drink. Coral Calcium is a good alternative for those who need more calcium in their diets and those who cannot ingest milk and other calcium-rich beverages and foods. Derived from coral calcium, this supplement can help any user get the amount of calcium that they need.

Acid buildup can occur in the stomach and intestines due to certain foods, including tomatoes and citrus fruits. This may leave one feeling bloated. Coral Calcium may help with the acid buildup in the stomach, but it may also help the body absorb more minerals from different foods, which might make users feel healthier. Calcium has some detox properties, which can help the body eliminate toxins, and it helps promote healthier bones, joints and muscles. Those with muscle aches and pains might find some relief with this supplement.

Recommended Usage:

Use the included scoop to measure out one serving. Add the serving to water, tea or another liquid and stir before drinking.


  • Calcium
  • Montmorillonite
  • Magnesium


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