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  • CHARCOAL (ACTIVATED) (120 caps)
  • CHARCOAL (ACTIVATED) (120 caps)
  • CHARCOAL (ACTIVATED) (120 caps)
  • CHARCOAL (ACTIVATED) (120 caps)


Activated charcoal was used in ancient times and is still used today as a dietary supplement because it has extraordinary adsorptive ability in the digestive tract. When a person needs to detoxify, activated charcoal may help the body’s natural detoxifying and cleaning processes by binding toxins, so they can be flushed out of the system. This includes the expulsion of intestinal gas.

Toxins in the system are not absorbed by activated charcoal they stick to the outside of the particles. This unique electrostatic property develops during production of the charcoal. Wood or bone is burned to create the charcoal, and this is then subjected to high temperatures of steam or air. This has an oxidizing effect that makes the charcoal activated.

MRVitaHerbs offers Nature’s Sunshine products including vitamins and herbs with the hope of providing you with a way to improve your health and lifestyle. Nature’s Sunshine is one if the few dietary supplement manufacturers that complies with the NSF/ANSI 173-2008 guidelines. Call today to learn more or start with activated charcoal to experience the health benefits yourself.

The recommended usage is to take four to eight capsules with water one hour before a meal or at least two hours after a meal. Each 260 mg capsule contains:

  • 2080 mg of charcoal powder
  • Kosher gelatin
  • water
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