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  • CASCARA SAGRADA (100 Caps)(KO)
  • CASCARA SAGRADA (100 Caps)(KO)
  • CASCARA SAGRADA (100 Caps)(KO)
  • CASCARA SAGRADA (100 Caps)(KO)


Cascara Sagrada


  • Cascara Sagrada supports the health and proper functioning of the lower gastrointestinal tract.
  • It supports the elimination of waste from the colon and helps rid it of toxins.

About Cascara Sagrada

Cascara sagrada means “sacred bark,” and is one of our most sought after herbs. It’s used around the world as a laxative.

Anthraquinones are the active ingredients in this herb. They enter the intestines and cause them to secrete mucus, which eases the passage of solid waste. Anthraquinones are also derived from glycosides and are absorbed in the small intestine. This causes the lower part of intestine to painlessly contract between six to eight hours after the anthraquinones are ingested. This causes the lower GI tract to more efficiently eliminate wastes and toxins.

Cascara sagrada also stimulates the production of bile, which also supports the functioning of the liver.

Our Cascara Sagrada capsules contain 390 milligrams of the herb, though the Vegitabs contain 410 mg.

Why Choose MRVITAHERBS For Natural Supplements?

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Recommended Usage:

Our adult customers should take two capsules or tablets with a meal, twice a day.


The serving size of this supplement is two capsules. There are 50 servings per bottle. The ingredients are 780 mg of Cascara Sagrada bark with water and kosher gelatin.

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