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Candida Clear (14 Day)

Candida is a type of naturally occurring flora found in the stomach and digestive system. Eating the wrong foods, not getting enough exercise and suffering from certain conditions can cause an unhealthy balance of this flora in the body. Candida Clear is a 14 day program designed to help users achieve a healthy and natural balance. Each box comes with two different types of packets that can promote natural growth of candida.

Candida Clear contains oregano, garlic, zinc and other ingredients that can help the body expel larger amounts of toxins and return the healthy balance the body needs. Eating vegetables, nuts, berries and other healthier foods can assist in this process. Users should avoid mushrooms, alcohol, gluten, cheese and other foods high in sugar and carbohydrates for best results.

Recommended Usage:

  • Each Candida Clear 14 Day system comes with Candida Clear Combo and Candida Clear Enzyme packets. Take one of the Candida Clear Enzyme packets before eating for a total of three packets a day. Take one of the Candida Clear Combo packets with each of your main meals, taking no more than three packets a day.


  • Pau D Arco
  • Oregano
  • Caprylic Acid
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Garlic


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