BEE POLLEN (100 caps)

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  • BEE POLLEN (100 caps)
  • BEE POLLEN (100 caps)
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  • BEE POLLEN (100 caps)
  • BEE POLLEN (100 caps)
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About Bee Pollen

Used as a nutritional aid for centuries, natural bee pollen is one of the most complete natural food supplements available. Its combination of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and trace elements makes it a preferred addition to the diet of millions of people worldwide.

Bees gather pollen and store it in small sacks on their legs. As they gather nectar, the flower juice mixes with some of the pollen. Bees use this combination of ingredients to form honey for their hive. Pollen gathered from managed hives is concentrated and formed into tablets or capsules.

The benefits of bee pollen are many and include increased stamina, resistance to illness, and better overall absorption of nutrients by the body’s cells. The pollen acts as a natural stimulant without overexciting the nervous system. The huge assortment of nutritional ingredients in bee pollen is without equal.

Why Choose MRVitaHerbs For Your Purchase Of Bee Pollen
Bee Pollen capsules are made from the finest concentrated bee pollen and flower nectars. The product is carefully formulated to preserve the state of the vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements found in the natural pollen produced by flowering plants.

When you purchase from MRVitaHerbs, you are assured of top-quality combined with affordable pricing. We offer special online wholesale pricing on our store site and guaranteed fast shipping service. Order a bottle of Bee Pollen capsules today and enjoy the many nutritional benefits.

Recommended Usage:

Bee Pollen product is manufactured in capsule form. One bottle contains 100 capsules. Take two capsules per day during mealtime.


Bee Pollen product contains 900mg of pollen per capsule. The product is formulated with gelatin and water. There are no artificial additives or chemically derived compounds.

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