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  • BE RESPONSE-ABLE (2 fl oz)
  • BE RESPONSE-ABLE (2 fl oz)
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  • BE RESPONSE-ABLE (2 fl oz)
  • BE RESPONSE-ABLE (2 fl oz)
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Be Response-Able

About Be Response-able

This flower essences extract was created to bring hope into the lives of people battling addictive and self-destructive tendencies. Seven essences are contained in this blend, including black-eyed Susan, milkweed, and California poppy. This unique mixture is said to promote personal responsibility and emotional honesty.

Why choose MRVitaHerbs

Ordering Be Response-able from MRVITAHERBS is a quick, painless process that nets you the finest quality flower essence mixture. You’ll be able to choose from one of our many convenient payment methods, enjoy secure shipping for peace of mind, and have the opportunity to give feedback through customer reviews. We feel like it’s important for our customers to communicate openly and honestly about all products purchased from our store. We also strongly encourage you to order Be Response-Able from MRVITAHERBS instead of another online store. The returning customers we have is a testimony to the fact that we know the business of health through herbal supplements like no other competitor. It’s our goal to offer only the finest products herbal supplement products available on the market, and we keep our promise to keep costs low and our customer service strong.

Recommended Usage:

10-15 drops of liquid extract every 10-15 minutes. Repeat until symptoms improve. Gradually decrease this dosage to every 1-2 hours. Once vast improvement occurs, reduce to 10-15 drops 4 times per day. A health care professional should be consulted if you intend to use this product on children under the age of 4.


  • Flower essences:
  • Black cohosh
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Milkweed
  • California Poppy
  • Agrimony
  • Joshua tree
  • Mullein
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