ALOE VERA JUICE (32 fl. oz.)(Ko)

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  • ALOE VERA JUICE (32 fl. oz.)(Ko)
  • ALOE VERA JUICE (32 fl. oz.)(Ko)
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  • ALOE VERA JUICE (32 fl. oz.)(Ko)
  • ALOE VERA JUICE (32 fl. oz.)(Ko)
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Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice, unlike the gel, helps to keep the digestive and intestinal systems nourished. When you have problems with the digestive system, you may take a small amount of the juice to soothe system issues. There are several vitamins and minerals in the juice that make this a healthy supplement to take. This product may be used to moisturize dry skin by applying it to the surface. There are 18 amino acids in aloe vera. Many of the natural compounds in the juice when taken internally may help with the absorption of nutrients from food. The juice is taken from pure aloe vera gel. Since it is taken in a natural form, there are none of the laxative side effects that some other aloe products may contain. This is a vegetable juice drink that is mixed with water.

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Aside from the aloe vera include sodium benzoate, citric acid and potassium sorbate. This product is labeled as a dietary food.

The recommended dosage:

For the best results possible is to drink two to six ounces once a day. It can be mixed with flavored water or other juices.

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