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  • Supports the structural system, particularly the skin.
  • Exhibits antiseptic properties.


Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia variety of trees native to the Australian continent. Most of this essential oil is squeezed from leaves of very old trees grown in orchards. The original residents of Australia introduced tea tree oil to visiting Europeans to use as an antiseptic on bruises, cuts and insect bites. 

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How to Use Tea Tree Oil

The 15 ml tea tree oil product from NSP is available in a 100 percent pure format inside a brown glass bottle designed to protect the ingredients from sunlight. This essential oil is for topical or external use only on the surface of the skin. Applying only a few drops with a cotton ball or fingertip several times a day is recommended.

Ingredients of Natural Tea Tree Oil:

The ingredients inside NSP's tea tree oil include organic compounds from nature such as sesquiterpenes, terpinen-4-ol, pinines and cymones that are safe for external application on the skin’s surface away from the mouth, eyes, ears and nose.

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