KB-C CHINESE (100 Caps)

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  • KB-C CHINESE (100 Caps)
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Chinese KB-C 

  • Strengthens the urinary system.
  • Supports the structural system, specifically the bones.
  • May help the body restore energy.

Recommended Usage:

Take three capsules with a meal. This should be done three times a day.

NOTE: Pregnant or lactating women should consult their health care provider prior to taking this supplement.


  • Lycium Fruit (Lycium chinense)
  • Eucommia Bark (Eucommia ulmoides)
  • Achyranthes Root (Achyranthes bidentata)
  • Dipsacus Root (Dipsacus asper)
  • Hoelen Sclerotium (Poria cocos)
  • Morinda Root (Morinda officinalis)
  • Astragalus Root (Astragalus membranaceus)
  • Cornus Fruit (Cornus officinalis)
  • Rehmannia Root Tuber (Rehmannia glutinosa)
  • Dang Gui Root (Angelica sinensis)
  • Dioscorea Rhizome (Dioscorea batatas)
  • Drynaria Rhizome (Drynaria fortunei)
  • Cistanche Stem (Cistanche salsa)
  • Epimedium Leaf(Epimedium macranthum)
  • Tang-kuei root (Angelica sinesis)
  • Ginseng Root (Panax ginseng)
  • Atractylodes Rhizome (Atractylodes macrocephala)
  • Ligustrum Fruit (Ligustrum lucidium)
  • Liquidamber Fruit (Liquidamber taiwaniana)
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