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Calcium plus vitamin D provides the structural and nervous systems with nutrition. NSP Calcium, which is derived from bone meal and combined with other trace minerals required by the body, supplements tissues of the bone that are constantly being replaced. Half of all the minerals in the body are compromised of calcium, which provides nutrients that support the skeletal system, especially the ligaments, bones, muscles, skin and tendons. The body needs to maintain a balanced pH and calcium aids with this.

Calcium and phosphorus are at a 2:1 ratio in this formulation; magnesium follows the same ratio. One or more of these important minerals is lost before the body can use them if these important ratios are not maintained. Calcium is helps muscle contractions and the immune system. A proper fluid balance in the body is maintained by phosphorus working in tandem with B vitamins. Calcium receives help doing its job with the addition of vitamin D. For those not getting enough vitamin D every day, especially those that lack adequate sunlight, at least 400 IU are suggested on a daily basis.

MRVitaHerbs has calcium plus vitamin D tablets with no added sugar, artificial colors, flavors or starch. When taken as directed they provide your body with the daily recommended dosage of this important nutrient. The tablets contain phosphorus and magnesium to help the body maintain important minerals. Calcium with vitamin D helps the body maintain proper structural system function and maintain pH balancing. Order yours today!


  • D3 - 133 IU, Calcium - 250mg, Phosphorus - 140 mg, Magnesium - 125 mg, Alfalfa herb (medicago sativa), sorbitol, magnesium stearate (vegetable) and cellulose (plant fiber)

Recommended Usage:

  • Take one tablet three times a day with a meal
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