Xylitol Gum (Peppermint) (100) - Discontinued

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  • Xylitol Gum (Peppermint) (100) - Discontinued
  • Xylitol Gum (Peppermint) (100) - Discontinued
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  • Xylitol Gum (Peppermint) (100) - Discontinued
  • Xylitol Gum (Peppermint) (100) - Discontinued


It’s been said that regular use of chewing gum can help to cleanse the teeth and strengthen them, especially after a meal, but the contents of the gum and the chewing duration determine how beneficial it can really be. Common chewing gums available at most grocery stores and convenient stores are full of sugar. The presence of sugar helps certain strains of bacteria grow, and when teeth and gums are coated in that sugar, the bacteria have the ammo to do major harm. Gums that don’t contain tons of sugar often contain artificial sweeteners and other chemicals that may have negative effects on health with prolonged use. Additionally, many people don’t chew gum long enough to reap its full benefit. The sugars still remain in the mouth when the gum is discarded just as all the sweetness goes away or before that point.

Nature’s Sweet Life Xylitol Gum is an all-natural chewing gum that tastes great and destroys bad breath without any help from artificial ingredients. The sweetener xylitol is a sugar alcohol that comes from hemicellulose, a plant fiber. The sugary substance is found in all kinds of fruits and vegetables and closely mimics the look and taste of table sugar. When added to gum, xylitol causes no discernable difference in the taste but adds a ton of good elsewhere. Xylitol contains far fewer calories and carbohydrates compared to table sugar.. More importantly, using xylitol gum regularly may greatly decrease the risk for cavities, staining, and tartar accumulation.

Mr. Vita Herb stocks Nature’s Sweet Life Xylitol Gum and plenty of other varieties too. In fact, just about any NSP health product and supplement can be found on our website. Order your xylitol gum today.

Recommended Usage:

  • Use gum as frequently or sparingly as desired. The serving size is one piece, but more can be used at any given time. It’s ideal to chew the gum well past the point where all of the sweetness has left it before discarding for the best effect.


  • Gum base, beeswax, xylitol, natural flavor from oil (spearmint, peppermint, or cinnamon), gum arabic, soy lecithin, and vegetable glycerin.
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