RED CLOVER (100 Caps) [KO]

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  • RED CLOVER (100 Caps) [KO]
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Red Clover (100 capsules)

  • Supports the circulatory and glandular systems.
  • Provides isoflavones.

Red Clover is a type of beautiful flower with purple blooms that many people see growing wild on the sides of streets or growing in their yards. As gorgeous as those flowers are to look at, some people can also get some big benefits from Red Clover supplements. Red Cover is rich with isoflavones, which support heart health. As the flower is also a type of diuretic, some users might find that they may see less water retention and lose some water weight when taking the supplements.

Recommended Usage:

  • Adults can take two capsules with breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • Red Clover Flower Tops (Trifolium pratense)
  • Water
  • Kosher Gelatin


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