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  • ELDERBERRY IMMUNE (90 Soft Chews)
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Benefits of Heroes Elderberry Immune

  • Supports the immune system.
  • Supplies key immune-enhancing herbs and vitamins.
  • Has a delicious fruit flavor kids love.

The Heroes Elderberry Immune chews are especially designed for children to support their immune systems. The chews are made with a delicious fruity flavor with ingredients that fill in the gaps of a child’s diet. This product may be suitable for improving underdeveloped immune systems due to age or poor diet.

MRVitaHerbs Information

MRVitaHerbs Inc. located in Cincinnati distributes Nature’s Sunshine products at an online store to provide a wide selection of natural supplement products designed to improve a customer’s mental and physical health. Sales representatives are available with a toll-free telephone number, or online with an email address. Customers can shop at our natural supplement store online with charge cards or Paypal to receive their products in three days.

How to Use Heroes Elderberry Immune

This is an easy to chew natural supplement with a suggested serving of one or two chews a day for older children. For the best absorbency in the digestive tract, a child must chew each Heroes Elderberry Immune product thoroughly before swallowing. Parents should administer this natural supplement to their child and supervise while it is ingested.

Ingredients in Heroes Elderberry Immune:

There are several varieties of Sambucus or elderberry plants providing fruit that contains essential vitamins such as D, A and C. The minerals calcium and iron are also part of this supplement’s ingredients. MRVitaHerbs offers the Heroes Elderberry Immune chews and it has additional ingredients, including astragalus, echinacea and zinc. Several vegetable essences such as carrot root, spinach leaf and asparagus stems are also part of this natural supplement. Each tasty chew contains juice from an assortment of fruits such as cherries, grapes and apples.

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