CRAMP RELIEF (100 Caps) [KO]

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  • CRAMP RELIEF (100 Caps) [KO]
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  • Supports the female glandular system.
  • Eases cramping muscles.
  • May help lessen discomfort and cramping associated with menstruation.

About Cramp Relief: These capsules are created from a blend of several natural herbs that have long been used by Native Americans to help the cramping and discomfort associated with the menstrual cycle.

Wild yam root is an antispasmodic (helps to ease cramps and muscle spasms and help to reduce tension in the body). Traditionally, it has been used for female reproductive issues, and to relieve ovarian and uterine discomfort.

Plantain has also shown the ability to reinforce the strength of capillary vessels. Plantain also acts as a laxative and diuretic, helping with water retention. Lobelia acts as a antispasmodic and a relaxant. Black cohosh has long been used to assist the discomfort associated with late menstrual cycles in addition to menopause. Today it is also used for premenstrual discomfort as well. It works to help regulate the endocrine system, female glandular system and mild muscle relaxant. Cramp bark has found traditional use as an antispasmodic and a uterine sedative.


(Each capsule is an 800 mg proprietary blend.) Wild yam root (dioscorea villosa), plantain leaves (plantago major), lobelia aerial parts (lobelia inflata), black cohosh root (cimicfuga racemosa), and cramp bark (viburnum opulus), as well as gelatin and water to create the capsule form.

Recommendations for Use: Take two capsules two to three times per day with a meal. This supplement is not recommended for use by pregnant women.

Why Choose Us: Studies have demonstrated that nearly three-quarters of women in the United States experience discomfort during their menstrual cycles. With this blend of all natural ingredients, you have an option to get help with your discomfort. Pick up a bottle of our Cramp Relief capsules today!

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