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  • CINNAMON LEAF (5 ml)
  • CINNAMON LEAF (5 ml)
  • CINNAMON LEAF (5 ml)
  • CINNAMON LEAF (5 ml)


Cinnamon Leaf (5 ml)


  • Our steam-distilled cinnamon leaf essential oil may be calming. As a pure essential oil, it needs to be diluted before use and should be avoided by those suffering from hemophilia or issues with the liver or kidneys.

About Cinnamon Leaf

Cinnamon leaf, whose botanical name is cinnamonum zeylanicum, is known for warming properties that make it an ideal oil to use for massages. Just about everyone knows its warm, spicy aroma from buns or apple pie just out of the oven.

Besides its mouth-watering smell, cinnamon leaf oil supports the circulation and eases irritation in joints and muscles. Cinnamon oil also may inhibit parasites and may be used for lice, ticks, fleas and scabies.

Why Choose MRVITAHERBS For Natural Supplements?
We take pride in the purity and effectiveness of herbal products we offer. Our products are both natural and safe and many are so gentle they can be used by both seniors and children. 

Recommended Usage:

Cinnamon essential oil is for external/topical use only. Make sure it’s diluted before use.


100% pure cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf oil.

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