BLUE VERVAIN LIQ. (2 fl. oz.) [KO]

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  • BLUE VERVAIN LIQ. (2 fl. oz.) [KO]
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Blue Vervain Liquid


  • Blue vervain has long been used by herbalists to support both the nervous and digestive systems.

About Blue Vervain

Also called traveler’s joy or wild hyssop, blue vervain supports the liver to produce bile, a substance that aids in digestion. When given at high doses, blue vervain is an emetic, probably because it contains verbenalin.

On the other hand, lower doses of blue vervain can soothe nervous tension, especially if the person is recovering from a period of stress. It’s also good for the nerves and the digestion of a patient who’s had a illness.

Blue vervain has also been shown to be a mild analgesic. This is why herbalists have used it to ease menstrual discomfort, headaches, toothaches and wounds. Blue vervain has also been used to support lactation and may appear to be able to help keep blood pressure at normal levels.

Our blue vervain herbal extract is alcohol-free and comes in a 2 fluid ounce bottle.

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Recommended Usage:

Our blue vervain liquid is gentle enough for both children and adults. Adults should take one half to one teaspoon three times a day, while children should take one quarter to one half teaspoon of our blue vervain liquid three times a day.


The ingredients are pure extract of blue vervain in a base of vegetable glycerin and water.

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