BLACK CURRANT OIL (90 softgel caps)

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  • BLACK CURRANT OIL (90 softgel caps)
  • BLACK CURRANT OIL (90 softgel caps)
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  • BLACK CURRANT OIL (90 softgel caps)
  • BLACK CURRANT OIL (90 softgel caps)
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About Black Currant Oil

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are necessary for a variety of bodily functions. They are not produced by the body but instead must be consumed. Black Currant Oil is a favorite option for those who cannot convert linolenic acid into gamma linolenic acid. This product is full of the essential fatty acids required to maintain normal operation of the circulatory system.

A single capsule of Black Currant Oil supplies the body with 12 percent GLA, a total that far exceeds the usable GLA total found in primrose oil, and the product contains stearidonic acid, a compound rarely found in the plant world. Fatty acid supplements may aid circulation of the blood, in the maintaining of a normal healthy heart, and even possibly in the overall function of the liver.

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Recommended Usage:

Black Currant Oil is packaged in bottles containing 90 soft-gel caplets. Take one caplet three times a day with meals.


Black Currant Oil caplets contain 250mg oil and provides the body with 12 percent GLA. The caplets are formulated with gelatin, glycerin, and water. This product contains no artificial additives or pharmaceutically manufactured chemicals.

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