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  • BERBERINE IR™ (90 Caps)
  • BERBERINE IR™ (90 Caps)
  • BERBERINE IR™ (90 Caps)
  • BERBERINE IR™ (90 Caps)


About Berberine IR (90 Caps)

Berberine IR is specially formulated to help support healthy glucose metabolism. Plus it may help fight gut health against endotoxins.

Product Information

Using an ingredient found in Traditional Chinese and Ayruvedic formulas, on a cellular level Berberine IR helps to support blood sugar and gloucose metabolism. By up-regulating enzymes whose job is to trigger blood glucose metabolism, it may result in naturally positive glucose levels. Like flipping a light switch on, Berberine by the activation of key enzymes, may turn your cells "on" thus helping function.

Your intestinal microflora can be disturbed by a diet high in carbohydrates. This results in a bacteria generating endotoxins. So, Berberine IR may help support gut performance. The endotoxins can get into the bloodstream. They also can attach themselves to muscle cells. Berberine IR may help with this process. Therefore, it may help keep glucose levels already within normal range. If you want to support your glucose management then Berberine IR may be for you.


Each capsule has: Berberine (Berberis aristata) 

Usage Instructions:

1 capsule taken daily before each meal. Max of three times perday. 

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