BENTONITE HYDRATED (32 FL OZ) - Temp Unavailable

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1725 - Temp Unavailable
  • BENTONITE HYDRATED (32 FL OZ) - Temp Unavailable
  • BENTONITE HYDRATED (32 FL OZ) - Temp Unavailable
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  • BENTONITE HYDRATED (32 FL OZ) - Temp Unavailable
  • BENTONITE HYDRATED (32 FL OZ) - Temp Unavailable
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About Hydrated Bentonite

Bentonite is a form of clay that is produced during volcanic activity. The clay is suspended in purified water to form a solution that can be taken internally as a health supplement. The benefits of hydrated bentonite include attraction of oppositely charged toxic compounds. This product is an effective cleanser of the bloodstream and lymphatic system.

Bentonite is particularly effective when it comes into contact with poisons in the intestinal tract. The clay particles contain negatively charged electrons that attract and capture positively charged ions found on many different toxic compounds. People who use Hydrated Bentonite will benefit from its outstanding toxic removal properties.

Why Choose MRVitaHerbs For Your Hydrated Bentonite Purchase?
MRVitaHerbs markets the most efficient food supplement products on the market. 

Not all bentonite products are as carefully formulated as the Hydrated Bentonite clay solution found on our online store site. This formula has been expertly prepared to allow for the maximum exposure of clay particles to the toxins found in the bloodstream and intestinal tract. The product is made using the purest water, and the clay is suspended using the most advanced laboratory techniques.

Order a bottle of Hydrated Bentonite today and enjoy special wholesale pricing, rapid shipment, and the finest toxin removal product on the market.

Recommended Usage:

Take one tablespoon of Hydrated Bentonite with a glass of water each day. This product must be refrigerated after opening.


This product is made from carefully selected bentonite clay and purified water. There are no additional ingredients, flavorings, or artificial coloring agents.

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