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Welcome to Mr. VitaHerbs, a proud independent distributor of Nature’s Sunshine products, the finest, highest quality natural supplements in the world. Since 1972, Nature’s Sunshine has led the herbal and nutritional supplements industry, developing products from the very best raw herbs, vitamins, and minerals on earth. With an advisory board full of actively practicing MDs, doctors of pharmacology, and pharmacists and using multiple research and development labs, Nature’s Sunshine sources, formulates, and packages products under the most strict harvesting and manufacturing processes and standards. Nature’s Sunshine demands the best from start to finish and tests its products every step of the way to ensure these incredible supplements will naturally support and maintain your health*.

At Mr. VitaHerbs, we carry Nature’s Sunshine products because we believe in them. These products have totally changed our health, our bodies, and our lives, and we want to share them with you. We’ve worked for over 10 years to be the best Nature’s Sunshine products independent distributor, by guaranteeing the lowest pricing you’ll find for top quality, 100% natural products that are always free of fillers. Whether you’re looking for vitamins and minerals, herbs and compounds, enzymes and essential oils, or skin care products, Mr. VitaHerbs has what you need. Take advantage of the superior potency and absolute purity of our products and let Nature’s Sunshine positively affect your health and well-being today!

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Nature's Sunshine Products was founded in the early 1970s by Gene Hughes. Gene Hughes had fallen ill with a stomach ailment and turned to alternative herbal treatment when traditional treatments failed. He started Natures Sunshine Products as a direct marketing program to bring this approach to as many people as possible. Today, Nature Sunshine Products are proudly sold all over the world. These quality supplements can be found in over 30 countries. There are over 600,000 Natures Sunshine Products distributors worldwide.

Nature's Sunshine Herbs and Nature’s Sunshine Vitamins are sold directly to consumers thru independent distributors. These include tablets, encapsulated herbal products and natural vitamins. Other than, Natures Sunshine Herbs and Vitamin’s, Nature’s Sunshine Products produce food supplements, skin care and other lifestyle products.

Quality is the number one focus at Natures Sunshine Products. So, the quality of Nature Sunshine Vitamins and Nature Sunshine Herbs are the best in the world. Raw herbs are manufactured into the final consumer products. Before they end up there a great deal of oversight and testing is done at Natures Sunshine Products facilities. Our customers are loyal because of our high standards of quality. Nature's Sunshine Products is NSF-certified. The manufacturing process exceeds the government's Good Manufacturing Practices and pharmaceutical quality standards.

As your Nature Sunshine Distributor, our goal is to do what it takes to outshine our competition and keep you happy. Being a independent Nature Sunshine Products distributor is a family-based business for us. We guarantee our pricing to be the lowest for any equivalent product available. We have committed ourselves to the Natures Sunshine Products mission: "to share the message of better health through the highest quality natural supplements. Our quest is to help one person at a time, to make their body a fit and healthier one."

Doesn't it make sense that proper nutrition can lead to longer life? It's a simple truth that has changed the lives of many, and it can change yours, too. Get Started NOW! How, become a Nature Sunshine Products member or simply a valued MrVitaHerbs customer to get the products you need for your health. If you are not sure what to take or what you need, call us (877-883-8313) toll free and we can help.

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